Leadership Development

Growing as a leader can be a challenge. Even more so when you are making the transition from manager to leader. Growing as a leader requires not only the functional skills that one would expect, but sometimes a change in mindset or the development of softer skills. My approach to developing leaderhip skills follows three key steps. Firstly, developing the necessary skills to lead yourself, then the skills to lead a team, and finally, the skills to lead the organisation. Whether you are new or not to a leadership position, I can help with the following challenges.

Setting Vision and Strategy

Setting your vision is the first step in moving your team and organisation to achieving their goals. 

Building Relationships and Networks

Building a coalition of support in both formal and informal networks will help navigate organisational politics, work with stakeholders, and spread your vision and ideas.  

Getting Lonely at the Top

This is a problem that many leaders and business owners suffer from. It doesn’t have to be.

Communication Skills and Gravitas

Good communication will enable you to rally your people around a shared vision, empower them, build trust, and successfully deliver organisational change.

Thought Leadership

This will help you build credibility and trust as well as developing your personal brand.

Building Credibility

For your vision, ideas, and plans to successfully land with both your peers and other team members, you need to be credible. This means your actions need to be consistent with your brand and what you are expecting of others.

Building Trust and Delegating

Not only does your team need to trust you, but you also need to trust them. To be truly effective as a leader, you need to be comfortable to delegate and empower your teams.

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