Career Coaching

My career coaching approach is founded on one simple premise. That is, we should all be employable for life. Things are different now; while previous generations may have built their careers on being employed for life, this is no longer an option for us. We don’t always see the potential in ourselves and coaching is a fantastic way to help unlock this potential by identifying important goals, what you need to do to achieve those goals and the transferable skills that you will need to develop, to help you on your journey.If you are struggling with any of the following, then I would be happy to have a talk and help you decide if coaching is the right thing for you.

Starting Your Career

Making that shift from the academic world, be it school, college, or university, can be overwhelming. For some of us, the jobs we now do didn’t even existing when we were studying. And so, it will be for many of us in the education system now.

Career Planning

Having a handle on where you want to go is important. Career planning can help you set your direction of travel.

Career Breaks

Deciding to take a career break to pursue something else can be a tough decision. Equally so, returning from a career break is a big transition.

Career Shifts

Have you decided to take your career in a new direction? Or even change careers? Where would you even start?

Lack of Fulfilment

Is your job just a way for you to spend time living from payday to payday? How do you get more fulfilment and enjoyment from your job?


This often forces your hand when it comes to career and job choices. It can be a life-changing event, ideally for the better. 

Feeling Stuck

Many people are very happy or even content in their organisations and jobs and career advancement is something that can bring additional fulfilment, responsibility, and financial rewards.

Learning New Skills

Perhaps your challenge is more closely related to skills or behaviours, and this is where you would like to develop.

Getting Complacent

Do you feel you are happy just staying where you are but concerned that you will get stuck or struggle to progress?

You’ve Received Feedback

Solicited or not! Someone else has highlighted a development area. Perhaps your partner, boss, colleague, or friend has highlighted a development area and you would like to validate that.

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