Be The Best Version of Yourself

Personal Focus

There is no ‘one size fits all’ and  every coaching engagement is built around your needs, goals, and aspirations. 


I have over 25 years of coaching, consulting, and mentoring experience. I don’t profess to have all the answers but I can help you find them.

Outcome Based

Every coaching engagement is about achieving the results you desire. We won’t get distracted by the process, but focus on the outcomes.

Flexible Time

Coaching sessions are delivered after hours and on weekends, giving you flexibility.

I passionately believe that we all need to take charge of our lives, careers, and businesses. To do this, we need to ensure that we constantly maintain a growth mindset, are open to new opportunities, and build the transferable skills that will help us achieve our goals.

It is not always easy to do this by ourselves and sometimes, we all need a pull or a push!

Over 25 years of coaching, consulting, and mentoring has reinforced the fact that any successful change is a result of personal change. I have worked with a truly diverse set of people and have delivered successful outcomes to clients in the United Kingdom, the European Union, Africa, and North America. 

I would love to be working with you to help you achieve the goals and outcomes you have imagined for yourself.


We don’t always see the potential in ourselves and coaching is a fantastic way to unlock this potential by identifying your goals that are important, what you need to do to achieve those goals, and helping you take the journey.


My career coaching approach is founded on one simple principle…


Making the transition from manager to leader can be difficult…

Small Business

Many people have great business ideas. Ideas that could become a sustainable…

Personal Development

Having a growth mindset is the key to personal development…

Hear What Some of my Clients Have to Say

“Günter helped me a lot to understand, how to connect two interesting fields for me instead of choosing just one of them. During the conversations, I’ve got new ideas and got confirmation of some of my ideas and also got energy to work. Definitely recommend him as a mentor.”​

Evgeny Korolev

“Günter is a great listener. He helped me validate the path we are on and affirm priorities and focus. He has a broad perspective. It was time well spent! I am grateful.”​

Sammy James

“Have you experienced that feeling when you talk to someone that has already experienced your challenges, and can guide you through? Well, Günter responded to my help request, fully understanding my questions and helping me.”​

Spyros Tsoukalas

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